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Business Travel Management
24/7 Service
Meetings & Incentives Management

ABT are pioneers in the global travel industry with our unique 24/7 travel desk, perpetually staffed by professional agents specially geared to handle crisis and other urgent situations. Business trips are typically characterized by high dynamism, short cycles, frequent changes and complex policies. Unexpected service calls demanding immediate action, last minute itinerary changes caused by weather, flight delays and schedule commitments - all these require professional response available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The business traveler needs a wide range of change management services :
  • Flight changes
  • Accommodation alternatives
  • Transportation solutions, including rental cars, trains, transfers, etc .
  • Travel insurance extensions
  • Dealing with loss of luggage
  • Travel Documents (visas, passports) issuing/renewal/extension

    Moreover, in order to be efficient, proactive travel management is called for.
    The proactive travel consultant constantly examines the traveler's itinerary, anticipating potential situations that might affect the itinerary and offering alternative solutions prepared in advance. ABT's unique 24/7 model has obvious advantages over existing alternatives, such as external answering services or agents on-call from home.
    Using ABT's extensive communications network and advanced proprietary technology,
    our 24/7 team is singularly equipped to provide all travelers with the best available
    real time solutions when they most need it.
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